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Pest Police Ohio Guarantee / Warranty Guidelines and T.O.S. Disclaimer   |   Printer-Friendly Version

We provide guarantees after your treatment that range from 30-days to 6 months. Depending on your residence or business, your specific guarantee time frame is listed on your copy of the invoice.

As with most warranties, there are exceptions and criteria that you, the customer, must follow to utilize the warranty.

Bed Bugs

We are happy to stand behind our guarantee. However, the customer must follow prep guidelines (see prep instructions under the bed bug tab) whether it is a heat-treatment or routine pesticide treatment.

Do not use store-bought chemicals, powders, or other home remedies to supplement the Pest Police treatment. Doing so will void your warranty.

If you fail to prep, we may NOT honor the guarantee/warranty. You must prep!

We ONLY guarantee the areas treated and the furniture treated. We do NOT extend our guarantee to those moving furniture in and out of the house. It is only guaranteed where it is treated unless specifically documented otherwise. Some customers have asked for isolated treatments in only certain areas of their home; therefore, we will only guarantee those rooms which are specifically treated.

Please Note:

It is common to follow up a 3rd or 4th time to eradicated Bed Bugs and generally, these will be handled at no additional charge. However, if you NO-SHOW – fail to answer the door – or if you cancel the appointment less than 12 hours before it is scheduled, a trip charge of $40 will be applied. Trip charges apply on ALL NO-SHOWS and Cancellations less than 12 hours.

After your final treatment for Bed Bugs, you MUST allow 7 days for the pesticide to work before activating your guarantee. There is a residual killing effect with your treatment. Many Bed Bugs hide and come out a few days after the 2nd or 3rd treatment to feed, that’s when the residual pesticide will continue to work. It’s a slower kill, but it’s still a proven efficacy that will keep working after our treatment is done, even after it’s dry. We cannot, and will not, put down extra pesticide in violation of the pesticide label.

Bees, Yellow Jackets, Wasps

Your guarantee for Bees, Yellow Jackets, and Wasps will be valid 72 hours after treatment. This allows time for the insecticide dust (Apicide) and the liquid pesticide to work on the workers coming and going from the entry/exit point. Often, it’s a predictive treatment when there is little evidence of where they enter and exit the hive or nest. Dropped ceilings and structures with siding and mortar joint imperfections may provide a challenging treatment and may take a few days to work while other treatments are more rapidly eradicated.

Quotes are ‘To the best of our knowledge’

Many of our sales/leads come from external sources such as Home Advisor, Thumbtack, ELocal, Craigslist, and general email inquiries. Your rate is determined by the accuracy of the information provided by you, the customer. In the event the scenario is NOT as it has been sold via phone, email, or online quote from the aforementioned sources, the quoted rate may increase (or decrease). Although rare, this does happen from time to time. We will only increase your rate between $40 and $100 depending upon the circumstance.

Collections / Delinquent Accounts

All services provided must be paid at the time of service and are subject to collection within 7-days of non-payment. If you have made special payment arrangements with the PEST POLICE, ask for the terms in-writing. Otherwise, you will be subject to a late payment fee of $25 every month that it is late.

If we make a trip to collect your payment, a trip charge of $40 will be applied. Please use our safe payment page: or mail your payments to Pest Police, 44 W. Maple, Seville, OH 44273.

We will pursue payment collection efforts via phone calls, text messages, email or in-person. There is a limited amount of time for you, the customer, to make your payments. We will file suit against ALL delinquent accounts within the court of venue. You, the customer, will be responsible for ALL filing fees, personal service fees, wage garnishment fees, and liens placed on your name and address. Yes, we will pursue these methods against delinquent accounts and will do so after non-payment collection attempts have gone cold.

Incidental Damage/Discoloration

With our chemical pesticide formulation, there is a chance that your paint, wallpaper, wood finishes, or other household materials will be stained or need cleaned after treatment. This is the nature of our business. We spray and exterminate where problems exist or may exist. For example, flea treatments require a broadcast or fan spray. Therefore, we are liberally spraying to kill the fleas and to predict where they may travel – on furniture, baseboard, walls, etc… Thus, these items may become discolored or stained permanently. It is NOT the liability of Pest Police to solve these problems with staining or discoloration of your household décor. You must know that with infestations, there is a likelihood of pesticides being applied to a multitude of items and fabric in your home or business.

Pictures and Video on Social Media

The interior or exterior of your home or your household goods and furniture may be photographed or videoed for our informational and identification purposes. These pictures of videos may also appear on our website or on social media platforms for promotional purposes. These will NOT identify you by address or name. YOU, the CUSTOMER, agree to this by hiring the Pest Police. If you are not comfortable with pictures or video taken of your residence, you MUST tell your PEST POLICE tech prior to the treatment. We will not violate your trust or confidence. We will not share your information without your consent. In return, your reviews of our service are welcomed. However, you must be factual. If you engage in libel, slander or any form of a social media diatribe, be advised that you are subjecting yourself to a lawsuit. We will pursue negative and incorrect writings and/or postings. One fictional and slanderous post could potentially cost the PEST POLICE thousands of dollars in future revenue. Guide yourself accordingly.