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Home of the $39 Pest Control Consultation, Written Quote, and discounted First treatment. Pest Police provides a complimentary Termite Consultation and three (3) Year Annual Termite and Pest Control Service Price Guarantee. Veteran and Senior Discounts offered.

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1.) How much does it cost?

Answer: Starting at $199

2.) How Fast Can You Get Here and Solve My Infestation?

Answer: Sometimes the same day. Almost always within a day.

3.) Is there a guarantee?

Answer: Yes, the best in the business - up to 6 months without any surcharges.

Bug Bounty Hunters   

Pest Police Ohio now offers greater exterimating force with our Partnership with Bug Bounty Hunters!


Bed Bug Evidence


Bed Bug Parasite

Bed Bugs are a parasite that can be traced to ancient times whose infestations have spread worldwide.


Rice Grain Size

Bed bug's Rice Grain Size makes them a difficult pest to detect & eliminate; Can lead to out of control spreading.


Painful Bites

The Painful Bites can cause extreme pain & irritation for some individuals, especially children.

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We have Bed Bugs, Who Pays?

If you are renting a property and you get bed bugs, who is responsible for paying?

The topic of Bed Bug Liability is serious business and important to all of us. Tackling this topic for us was Magistrate Sandra Lewis of the city of Cleveland Municipal Courts.

Pest Police Ohio recently attended a Beg Bug Conference hosted by the Cuyahoga County Bed Bug Task Force. Check out our article we put together summarizing the information provided at the conference.

Read the article

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  • Bed Bugs Can Transmit Parasite and Ohio Leads Nation in this Epidemic +

    According to the University of Pennsylvania researchers, bed bugs – like kissing bugs – can transmit the parasite that causes Chagas disease. What is Chagas disease? It’s a tropical parasitic disease that is spread by insects known as the kissing bug. Read More
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